Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Holidays From AAStoreFixtures - Small Items/Accessories

You’ve remodeled and you are all ready for the Holiday craze…but there are still a few accessories you need to be fully ready. AA Store Fixtures has several items that can help polish your showroom or convenience store…and what’s more we are selling them at blow out prices:

First off we have 4’ wide Shelf Label Holders w/Clear Protective guard. They are $50 a box for 50 label holders. No more stickers! These 4’ wide strips click right into the front channel on all major retail shelving and can easily be removed and applied to another shelf if needed.

Next we have front wire fencing, both new and used. Available 3’ and 4’ wide, 3” and 6” tall! Packages of 20 to 25 qty ranging from $60-$75 for used at $125 for Brand NEW. We are charging $3 a fence for used and $5 a fence for the new items. Nothing keeps small add on items organized better than some wire fencing which snaps into the holes on the front of most retail shelves.

We have brand new aluminum framed pegboard, 48” x 36”, 2 to a pack, for only $30!

Finally we have 2 BRAND NEW peg hook styles at great prices. You can purchase a ready to go box of 100 11” Heavy or 4” Medium duty peg hooks. These both come with the quick inserts for the pegboard, and 100 2” x 1.25” Clear Labels for the peg ends. The price for the 11” is only $50 for the box of 100(Normal retail $120+) and the price for the 4” is only $35 for the box of 100.

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