Wednesday, December 10, 2014

8' Lozier Gondola Install Instructions Overview

8' Lozier Gondola from Abide in Media on Vimeo.

Below is an overview of lozier assembly instructions. These directions can be used for new or used gondola. This particular set of installation instructions is for island gondola. Lozier wall gondola will differ slightly. The following instructions will require: 2 people, a screw driver, and a leveler.

1. Click in your base brackets (feet).  Push bracket fully into uprite slots, then push down. Make sure the latch has the uprite and bracket locked together.

2. Lay out your uprites with base brackets inserted. Lay out your rails (top, bottom, center, splicer if applicable)

3. You will need two people for this step. Now is time to connect the an uprite/base with another uprite/base by placing them both vertically and connecting them by installing base fronts to bottom rail and center rail as shown in the video above.

4. Now one section at a time you’re ready to install one back for stability. Use care in lowering back into place. DO NOT DROP INTO PLACE! The pegboard should sit in channel of bottom rail. Then you can bend the bottom rails into place. (if you are using used Lozier make sure that the tab is straight enough for the top rail to be inserted) Snap on your top rails.

5. Once your sections are all up, use a screwdriver on the adjustment screw to get your gondola level. The purpose of the leveling step is to have all the uprites plumb at the same level. Use a leveler to achieve the best results.

6. The bottom of your uprite should graze the floor. Lozier recommends that the gap between the leg and floor is 1/16”.

7. Now you can snap in your base decks and feet covers (feet covers can be inserted first).
When inserting adjustable shelves, use the holes in the pegboard as a guideline to ensure you are in the same left and right slot on the uprite. To install decks, tilt upward and hook rear molding, behind deck hold down pin. If shelves do not fit properly, check to be sure unit is leveled properly. If the uprites aren't plumb, you may need to redo step 5.     


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