Monday, August 5, 2013

Recruiting Tips For Retail Businesses

Employees are the backbone of any retail business. Regardless of how much time you personally invest into your retail business, there will be occasions when employees must watch over the place. This is why it's important to choose hard-working, dedicated and reliable workers; otherwise, you could be placing your business at risk of failure. To learn more about recruiting employees for a retail business, keep reading.

Tip #1 – Check Past Work History

When reviewing applicants for a position in your retail store or business, you'll want to carefully analyze their past work experience. Look to see not only where they worked before, but also the length of time spent at the establishment. Individuals who jump around from job to job probably isn't the type of employee you want running your retail store.

Ideally, you should only hire applicants who've worked in an environment similar to your specific retail business. If your store sells apparel, for instance, then you'll want to hire employees with a background in retail fashion and apparel. They'll likely already have some knowledge and experience with helping customers find and choose the right clothes.

Tip #2 – References

References are a must-have for any retail business applicant. These should be non-relative people who support the applicant. If there's a phone number attached to their references (which their should be), call them up to see what they say. Simply introduce yourself as a retail business owner who's interested in hiring the applicant. Ask the referenced person about the applicant's work ethics, background, etc.

If there are no references listed on the application, skip it and move on to the next. When you place the responsibility or running your retail business in the hands of another, you need to make sure they are trustworthy. While having references isn't a surefire way to ensure the applicant is trustworthy, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Tip #3 – Interview Questions

Interviewing applicants is arguably the single most important step in hiring employees for your store. During an interview, don't be afraid to ask questions that are somewhat “outside of the box.” For instance, you could ask the applicant how long they plan on staying with your company if they are hired. Just remember to keep your interview questions professional and legal. Avoid asking questions like “Are you married?” or “Do you have children?”

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