Thursday, August 1, 2013

Advertising Sales and Promotions on Gondolas

Most experienced retail store owners will agree that gondolas are the perfect form of shelving. Not only are they incredibly easy to set up and use, but they can be modified and adjusted to fit the needs of your store. It's this superior level of customization and ease of use that draws so many store owners to them. In order to take full advantage of your gondolas, though, you should incorporate adverts and promotional material on them; here's how you do it:

Gondola advertising is important because it gives you the ability to market products to your customers while they are shopping. Just because your customers are walking around your store doesn't necessarily mean they intend on making a purchase. By giving them a little encouragement through gondola adverts, you may convert a “browsing” customer into a buyer. This alone should be reason enough for store owners to set up promotional material on their gondolas.

There are several different options when it comes to gondola advertising. Depending on the layout of your store and the specific type of gondola used, you may want to attach banners that stick out an inch or so from the edge of the shelf. Customers walking down the aisles of your store will notice the banners and hopefully decide to make a purchase as a result. The secret to achieving success with gondola banners is to display special deals and promotions on nearby products. Regardless of what your store sells, customers are always on the lookout for a good deal.

Another idea is to install an electronic coupon dispenser on your gondolas. Placing them directly in front of the respective product will naturally encourage shoppers to make a purchase. Chances are you've seen coupon dispensers such as these in grocery stores. National supermarket chains frequently use them as a marketing tool. Be warned, though, they do require more maintenance and time than traditional banners and signs.

There's a fine line between creating the right amount of gondola advertisements and going overboard with an excessive amount. Try to avoid flooding your customers with too many promotions, as this could have a negative effect by making them immune to it. Space your banners, coupons and promotional material out every few feet for maximum effectiveness.

Utilizing promotional material on gondolas within a retail store is a simple and highly effective way to boost your sales. There are dozens of signs and marketing material designed specifically for gondolas, so take advantage of them by performing this technique in your store.

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