Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Tips To Become a Better Retail Salesperson

Mastering the art of retail sales takes take, experience, dedication and the desire to succeed. Far too many people jump into this profession without realizing what all it entitles. Anyone can show up to work and go through the movements, but it takes a true salesperson to encourage a customer to buy an item they otherwise wouldn't have purchased. Whether you're looking to get your foot in the door as a retail salesperson or to improve your numbers, check out the 5 tips below.

Tip #1) Start At The Door

If you aren't greeting each and every customer who comes through the door, you're missing out on a simple yet highly effective way to pre-sell. When a customer walks into the store, greet them with a friendly “Hello, how are you going today?” And then you can offer assistance to help them find a particular product or item. Numerous studies have revealed that customers are more likely to purchase from the first salesperson who greets them, so make sure it's YOU.

Tip #2) Go Beyond The Call of Duty

What does this mean exactly? A retail salesperson can go above and beyond the call of duty in a number of different ways. The key thing to remember is that you want to exceed your customers' expectations. If a customer asks a salesperson for a pair of shoes in a particular size, perhaps the salesperson could bring out several different sizes just in case. This extra effort really leaves a positive impression on customers.

Tip #3) Think Like The Customer

Try to place yourself in the customer's shoes and ask yourself – what am I trying to accomplish by shopping here? Some customers shop for the sole purpose of finding good deals; if this is the case, show the customer some excellent sales and promotions currently going on. Other customers may be on the lookout for a newly recent product, which you can help them locate.

Tip #4) Speed It Up!

Let's face it, shoppers don't want to wait around for a slow salesperson to walk them around the store. If you want to improve your numbers, you have to work at a relatively fast pace. This is beneficial for several different reasons; it keeps customers happy, and you can move them through the store in less time.

Tip #5) Listen

One of the biggest mistakes employees make in retail sales is talking to their customers too much. Rather than jabbering away about products, service plans, etc., sit back and listen to your customers.

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