Monday, December 23, 2013

Tips For Retail Success In a Crowded Marketplace

There are both advantages and disadvantages of trying to muscle your retail business into a crowded marketplace. Lots of competition means the market is popular and in high-demand, which translates into sales for businesses in this industry. However, too much competition can make it difficult (if not impossible) for new businesses to succeed. Crowded marketplaces essentially reduce the market share available for businesses. If you're thinking about tackling a crowded marketplace with your retail business, keep reading for some important tips on how to succeed.

Offer More Product Choices

One way retail businesses can set themselves apart from their competitors is by offering a greater amount of product choices. Rather than limiting your store's inventory to a particular line or niche, perhaps you could branch out into other avenues. By offering customers more products to choose from, you'll naturally attract customers who wouldn't 'normally' visit your store. This is a simple yet highly effective way to help your retail stores succeed in a crowded marketplace.

It's important to note, however, that more product choices translates into more space. Once you start filling up your store's shelves with new product, you may find yourself struggling to display all of your inventory. Be sure to check out the solutions offered at, including wall unit shelving, gondolas, and much, much more.

Offer Better Prices

Of course, you're bound to attract more customers by offering lower prices than your competitors. If a competing store across town is selling the same pair of jeans in your store for $40 bucks, you should try to trump their prices by selling the same jeans for $30-$35. Although your profit margins will be smaller on this product, you'll pull shoppers away from your competitors and into your store, making it well worth the cost in the long run.

Market Your Retail Store

Even if your store offers better choices and prices than your competitors, most people won' know this until they actually visit your store. So, how do you get them to initially visit your store? Rather than waiting around 'hoping' that customers walk into you store, you should actively spread the word through any all promotional means necessary. This may include social media, television commercials, radio commercials, mail adverts, billboards, etc. Just remember to track your marketing campaigns so you know which ones are helpful in driving more customers, and which ones are simply a waste of money.

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