Friday, May 10, 2013

What To Look For When Purchasing a Retail Store Cooler

If you own or are planning to open a retail store in the near future that sells refrigerated food products, you are inevitably going to need a cooler. Purchasing one is a smart investment that's sure to pay off in the long run with more customers and ultimately more sales. With so many different types of coolers and freezers available on the market, choosing one can prove to be a challenge. If you are having trouble selecting the right one for your retail store, keep reading for a simple guide on what to look for when purchasing a retail store cooler.


Arguably, one of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a cooler for your retail store is the number of doors it contains. A unit with 3 doors will allow multiple customers to pickup products simultaneously, while a single-door model will force them to wait. With that said, however, there are some potential disadvantages to using a model with a large number of doors, such as the increased amount of space it requires. Ask yourself how much refrigerated product you intend on offering your retail store and then choose a cooler with the right number of doors to meet your needs.

In addition to the number of doors, you should also consider how they are designed to open. Sliding doors are a popular choice because they don't require any additional space. You can stick them in a tight corner or area in the store without worrying about the doors getting in your customers' way. On the other hand, doors that swing open will require a bit more clearance in front to remain functional and operational.


Of course, you can't shop for a cooler or freezer for your retail store without taking into consideration the number of shelves it contains. Common sense should tell you that the more shelves it container, the more product you'll be able to store. While this is partially true, it doesn't always work out exactly like this. The fact is that some products are taller than others; therefore, they will require more overhead clearance to fit inside a cooler. Thankfully, coolers and freezers are built with adjustable shelves that give you the freedom to raise or lower based on the product being stored. If a product in your cooler is tall, just raise the shelf above it to the desired height. Doing so will allow the product to fit inside the cooler without bumping into the overhead shelf.

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