Monday, June 10, 2013

3 Features To Look For In a Cooler of Freezer For a Retail Store

Having the right cooler or freezer is an essential element for retail stores. If you own or manage a store that sells groceries or other goods that must kept at a low temperature, you must have a cooler to properly store them; otherwise, you run the risk of the product going bad or spoiling. With so many different types of coolers and freezer on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Keep reading to learn 3 essential features that all retail store coolers and freezers should possesses.

Feature #1 - Adjustable Shelves

No matter what brand of cooler or freezer you choose, it needs to be built with adjustable shelves; otherwise, you'll have reduced space for storing product. Before purchasing a cooler or freezer for your retain store, take a minute to make sure it has adjustable shelves. As long as the shelves can be moved up and down, you should be able to maximize your storage space. Adjustable shelves will also make cleaning is a fast and painless process, as you can pull them completely out to give your new cooler or a freezer a thorough cleaning.

Feature #2 - Lights

A high-end cooler or freezer should have built-in lights to provide illumination when the door opens. This is a simple feature that will allow customers the ability to see exactly what's inside. You'll find that some of the retail coolers and freezers on the market come with LED lights while others have basic incandescent bulbs. Ideally, you should choose a model with LED bulbs since they last longer, use less energy, and emit far less heat than incandescent bulbs. If a cooler or freezer doesn't come with built-in lights, you'll want to check and make sure you can add them later.

Feature #3 - Thermometers

A third feature that you should look for in a cooler or freezer is a thermometer. Instead of "guessing" how cold the atmosphere is inside the cooler or freezer, you can check the thermometer for a more accurate reading. It's a simple and effective way to better judge the temperature, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments. Of course, you can always add another thermometer to your cooler if you want more reading options, but this usually isn't necessary.

Ensuring your cooler or freezer possesses these 3 features will allow you to get more bang for your buck.

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