Friday, June 14, 2013

Local Advertising Ideas For Retail Stores and Businesses

One of the key elements to the success of a retail store business is local advertising. You can offer the most competitive prices in town along with exceptional customer service, but it's all for nothing if residents don't know about your store. By spreading the word through local advertisements, you'll naturally have more customers coming into your store; thus, increasing your store's revenue and ultimately profits. For the price, there's no better or more cost-effective way to advertise your retail store.

Radio Ads

When done correctly, radio ads can prove to be a lucrative and rewarding way to drive more customers into your retail store. Call some of the radio stations that broadcast in your area to inquire about advertising. This is essentially how radio stations make their money, so they'll be more than happy to give you a quote. By broadcasting ad advertisement for your retail store over the airwaves, people around your town will hear about it and "hopefully" want to check it out. The key to successfully advertising a retail store or small business on the radio is to target the appropriate demographic. Ideally, you should match your store's demographics with the radio station's demographic. The closer they are to one another, the more benefit you've receive from the radio ad.

Mail Ads

Ever get one of those printed books in your mail that's filled with coupons and advertisements for local businesses? Placing an ad in one of these is a highly effective way to advertise your retail store locally. In most cases, these coupon books are created and managed by the local post office. So if you want to place an ad for your retail store or business in one, you'll need to contact the post office. Generally speaking, the larger ads cost more money. However, they are also more effective since more people will see them.

Contrary to what some people may believe, going around and sticking flyers on mailboxes to promote your retail store or business is illegal; therefore, you should avoid using this tactic. Instead, call up the post office to see what kind of mail advertising options they offer.

Phone Books

Although they aren't used as much as they once were, millions of people still rely on phone books to find the numbers of local businesses. Purchasing ad space here could yield dozens or even hundreds of new customers coming into your store. As with most forms of "print" advertisements, the bigger the ad, the better.

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