Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reducing Dust and Dirt In a Retail Store Enviornment

With people constantly entering and exiting, a retail store can easily become a dirty, dust-filled area. You can designate employees to clean certain areas on a daily basis, but it's oftentimes still not enough to prevent the buildup of dusts. So, how are you supposed to keep your store clean? Keep reading and we'll reveal some simple and effective ways to reduce the amount of dust and dirt in a retail store.

Replacing The Air Filter

When you are busy managing employees, ordering product and crunching sales numbers, it's easy to overlook the smaller things like replacing the air filter. Just as the air filter in your home needs to be changed on a regular basis, so should the one in your retail store. Depending on the air quality inside your store, the air filter should be changed about once every 3-4 weeks, sometimes more and sometimes less. Try to get into the habit of changing it at least once a month for optimal performance. Not only will this help to prevent dust from building up, but it will also increase the efficiency of your store's air conditioning system.

The good news is that air filters are inexpensive and can be purchased from most major home improvement stores for approximately $10-$20 bucks. Before you go out in search of a new filter, check your current model to determine what size you need. Air filters are usually sized with three sets of number, such as 10x25x3. Write down the size of your current air filter and take these measurements to the store so you can purchase the same size.

Decorative Plants

Would you have guessed that decorative plants can help to reduce the amount of dust in a retail store? Certain indoor plants, especially those with long leaves, work as natural air filters by removing pollutants and dust in the surrounding air. In addition, they also add a decorative element to the decor, which is an added bonus in most retail stores. Just place them in strategic locations where dust is the most problematic. After a couple of days, check the plants and wipe the dust off as needed.

If you intend on using decorative plants in your store, be sure to choose ones that require little maintenance. You don't want to end up with difficult plants that need particular amounts of sunlight and water; otherwise, they will likely die. Stick with easy-to-grow plants that only need an occasional watering to thrive.

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