Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking a Closer Look at Lozier Gondola Shelving

One of the many purchasing decisions you'll have to make when setting up a retail store is choosing a type of gondola shelving. Whether it's a supermarket, convenience store, drug stores, pet shops, electronics department, sporting goods or anything else, all retail establishments need shelving to operate. Here we'll take a closer look into Lozier name brand gondola shelving and reveal some of the benefits to using it.

Lozier is a trusted brand name in the gondola shelving industry. They've been producing gondola shelving units for well over half a century (founded in 1956), and since that time they've garnered quite a following by retail store owners and businesses. In fact, there are many stores who choose to use only Lozier name brand gondolas. But what makes them stand out from competitors in the shelving industry?

The secret to Lozier's success lies in their durable, high-quality gondola shelving units that are priced lower than you expect. Let's face it, launching and managing a retail store isn't a cheap task. The lease and utilities alone can be enough to draw some businesses underwater. When you factor in product costs, marketing, payroll, taxes and insurance, you can easily burn through your company's budget. This is why it's important to always be conscious of what you are buying and how much you are spending; otherwise, you could end up driving your retail business underwater.

Another benefit associated with Lozier gondola shelving is their ease of use. As the name suggests, Lozier "island" gondolas are designed to stand freely in the middle of the store, offering space for products on both sides. This is essentially how aisles are created in a retail store. The various pieces of a gondola island snap into one another until the desired length is reached. You can use Lozier island gondolas for short, medium or long areas to achieve maximum product display.

Naturally, Lozier gondola shelving units are already prices lower than other forms of retail shelving. However, you can save even more money by opting for used models rather than new. There are some store owners stuck in the mentality that used fixtures are a poor choice because they've already been used in other stores. Although, the truth is that used gondola shelving units offer a substantial savings when compared to new models. You can expect to pay a fraction of the price for a used Lozier gondola rather than a new model.

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  1. Another benefit relevant to Lozier gondola shelving will be it is ease involving use. Just as your own title suggests, Lozier "island" gondolas are made to stand freely for the middle of any store, offering space for products with both sides. This can be essentially how aisles are usually produced within a great full price store.